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How it works?
Will my clothes look the same when I get them back from you?
We make sure that your clothes leave Ruste looking the same as they did when they arrived.

There will be a slight difference once the protective material is put in place, but unless someone is carefully inspecting your clothing, they won’t even know you’re wearing motorcycle gear. The only exception is for those who wear very skinny jeans: in these cases, you will be able to see a slight bump in the leg where the protectors begin and end. In the rare case that your jeans have a rivet (span metal button) on the waistband, we will add a thin line of stitching around it that will be hardly noticeable. The same goes for very slim jackets, shirts and hoodies. You will be able to notice a slight bump where the elbow, shoulder and back protectors are.
Are my clothes going to be too hot to wear during the summer once the protection has been added?
We use Coolmax breathable fabric with Kevlar so that moisture is pulled away from your skin and air can circulate well. Since your jeans and jacket will have an extra layer they will be a little warmer, but you won’t notice any major differences.
Do I need to wash my clothes before sending them to you for tailoring?
Please consider the hygiene and make sure your clothes are clean before you send them to us for tailoring. This way our tailors can work as pleasantly and efficiently as possible. If we need to wash your clothes before tailoring, we might charge extra for that. In this case, will contact you prior to washing. If you still don't want your clothes to be washed, we will return them but charge for the shipping.
How can I make sure that protectors are on the right position?
From safety and comfort perspective, it is really important that the protectors are on the right place in your jeans and jacket. We will sew the pockets for the protectors exactly where you want them. Before sending the cloth to us, the position of the protectors should be marked to the cloth with tape or safety pin when you are wearing it. If you use a tape to mark, make sure it doesn't leave any stains or marks to the cloth.

Knee protectors: When you mark the desired position of the knee protectors, bend your knees halfway (90 degrees). Note that if you bend too much, the protectors might be on the wrong position when you walk and thus hurt your knees. If your legs are too straight, the protectors are on the wrong position when you ride your bike. When you are bending your knees, wrap a tape around your leg at the center of the knee cap. Also, mark the vertical position of the center of your knee cap. You can mark the knee cap position also with a safety pin. For clarification, see the image on jeans tailoring page.

Shoulder protectors: Humerus is almost always right under the seam of the sleeve on your jacket. If this is not the case with your jacket or the jacket doesn't have a seam there, you should mark the position of the humerus with tape or safety pin. For clarification, see the image on jacket tailoring page.

Elbow protectors: These are marked the same way as knee protectors. Bend your elbow and mark the position of your elbow either by wrapping a tape around your arm at the center of your elbow or mark this position with a safety pin. For clarification, see the image on jacket tailoring page.

Back and hip protectors: These are almost always on a certain position in your cloth, and the protection areas of these protectors are relatively larger than the area to be protected. So there is more room for movement, and you don't need to mark these positions to your cloth before the tailoring.
How do I wash my clothes after you have tailored them?
You wash them with the same detergent and in the same temperature as you would’ve before we tailored them. The only difference is that you cannot wash them inside out, and you cannot dry them in a tumble dry machine. They should be air dried only.

The quality of Kevlar can withstand any amount of washing, but in order to preserve the optimal look and feel of your jeans and jacket, we recommend that you do not wash them frequently.
What if the jeans or the jacket won't fit me after the tailoring?
Sometimes it might be the case that the jeans or the jacket feels tight on you right after the tailoring, but don't worry. Cloth's material, Kevlar and Coolmax stretch a bit already within a few weeks of using the cloth. After that the cloth will most probably fit you as it should.
What if my jeans or jacket are ruined during the tailoring?
We’ve worked hard to find the best tailors possible, so the chances of that are very slim. But if for some reason your jeans or jacket are damaged during the process, we will provide you with a full refund for a new cloth.


What kind of jeans can I have tailored?
Any kind. Men's, Women's, new, used, baggy, slim, blue, black: we can tailor them all.

Still wondering which pair of your jeans to have tailored? Keep in mind that while riding, it’s best to have some stretch to the denim for maximum comfort. A pair with some elasticity is your best bet to stay comfortable on the road. And if you’re still unsure of whether or not your jeans can be tailored, feel free to ask us.
Have slim, tight, or skinny jeans?
If your jeans are very tight in the waist and legs, they need to have some elasticity so they will still fit once we’ve added the protective material. To see if your jeans have elasticity, check the tag inside. If they contain elastane, spandex, or lycra, they will work fine. However, Kevlar will not stretch more than 2%, so your jeans should contain 1-2% of elastic material. If they are very skinny and 100% cotton though, they won’t fit after we’ve added the protection.

If you plan to use hip or knee protectors in the jeans as well, there needs to be some free space in the hips and legs of your jeans.

Men: If you wear very tight jeans, be sure to use a pair that is one waist size larger than you would ordinarily wear.

Women: The waistline of your jeans cannot be low-rise: if it is, jeans will fall below your waistline after the protective material has been added. If your jeans are very tight in the waist and legs, the waist size needs to be two sizes bigger than you would ordinarily wear. However, if your jeans contain more than 2% of the elastic material, they need to be at least 3 sizes bigger than you would ordinarily wear. If your jeans are tight and brand new, it's a good idea to wear them for a couple of days before sending them to us.
Are my jeans going to fit me after you have tailored them?
Yes, they will. The difference in fit after the tailoring process is very slight. The waist size will change one size at most. The legs will be a fraction slimmer because of the layer of protection that we add, but as long as your jeans aren’t very tight and 100% cotton, they will fit you as well as they did before the tailoring.
How about tailoring pants that are not jeans?
No problem. As long as they have a waistband and seams running up the legs, we can tailor them. Now you can ride safely in khakis, army pants, chinos, cargo pants, or anything else.


What kind of jackets and shirts can I have tailored?
Almost any kind. Men's, Women's, new, used, denim, flannel, light, long: we can tailor them all.

Unfortunately we can't sew the Kevlar® and Coolmax® lining into leather jackets or into jackets with thick lining (winter jackets). If you want, we can first remove the thick lining to enable sewing our protective lining into the jacket. If your jacket has a thick and hard wax on it, we can't tailor it. We can, however, tailor jackets which are lightly waxed. In both cases, we recommend you to check the possibility for tailoring together with us before placing an order.

If you are still unsure of whether or not your jacket or shirt can be tailored, feel free to ask us.
How about tailoring hoodies?
No problem. Hoodies are tailored just like shirts. Now you can ride safely in your hoodie, too.


How much is the shipping?
We offer free shipping for EU orders over €100 and international orders over €200. You can check your shipping rates with our shipping rate calculator.
How do I ship you my clothes and how do I get them back?
All you have to do is wait for DHL to call you to arrange a pickup time. If you haven’t heard from them in one business day after receiving your shipping confirmation, you can call them yourself to arrange the pickup. They will even bring you a package to ship your clothes in. Just remember to request this on the phone. However, if you order tailoring for more than two pairs of jeans or for a jacket, we can't unfortunately guarantee that they will fit into DHL's package. In this case, you can ask DHL if they can bring a bigger package for your clothes, or pack them in your own package. We hope you wouldn't use too spacious package, because the bigger the package the more it will cost us to ship it.

Together with the shipping confirmation we will email you DHL's contact information and a shipping label for your order. If you have a printer, print the shipping label to give to the courier. If you can't print the shipping label, tell the courier to bring it when you schedule the pickup time. When DHL arrives, they'll give you a package to place your clothes in, if you have asked them to bring one. Once the clothes are ready, we'll deliver them back to your front door.

For orders outside of European Union, you must print and sign the Pro Forma Invoice that we send you with the confirmation email. It is used for the customs. You should give this form to the DHL courier when he arrives.

And if you want to keep an eye on where your clothes are, you can track the package both to and from Ruste.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship almost anywhere in the world.
Why is shipping more expensive outside of Europe?
At the moment, all of our tailors are located in Europe. If you’re sending your clothes from outside of Europe, they have to make a long trip both ways, which causes the price to be higher.
How long will my order take?
After we’ve received your clothes, it will take us around one to two weeks to finish tailoring them. As soon as they’re done, we’ll have them out the door and back on their way to you.

Shipping times vary depending on where you live.
What is your return policy?
Because we’re offering a service rather than a product, returns can only be made in exceptional circumstances. For this reason, it is extremely important that you read all of the information under “Jeans Tailoring” and "Jacket Tailoring" to make sure that your jeans and jacket are the right size. If we have damaged your clothes, however, we’ll repair or replace them for free.

If you are unsatisfied with your order, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Read our full return policy.

Any more questions? Feel free to get in touch.