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Jacket Tailoring

  • With Ruste tailoring, you send us any kind of a jacket and we make it protective. It can be men’s or women’s, new, used, denim, canvas: you get to choose, that way it looks and fits exactly how you want. Unfortunately we can't tailor leather jackets.

    Our expert tailors sew protective Kevlar® lining into your jacket without changing the way it looks. It will be comfortable, safe, and no one will even know that you’re wearing motorcycle gear. We will also sew 2 pockets inside your jacket.

    The tailoring process takes 1-2 weeks, plus shipping time.

  • The difference in fit after the tailoring is slight. But because we add a layer of protection, there is a small change. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions to make sure that your jacket is the right size for tailoring.

  • We use only 100% original DuPont™ Kevlar®, the world's strongest fiber, and breathable Coolmax® fabric.

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to send and receive your jacket. DHL will pick up and deliver the jacket to and from your front door.

    We offer free shipping for EU orders over €100 and for international orders over €200.

    Read more about the shipping process and check your shipping rates.

  • If you want even more protection against impact, we can sew pockets for protectors into the elbows, shoulders and back. We offer innovative D3O protectors to use in the pockets. Protectors are sold separately.

Add protectors

  • D3O T5 EVO Elbow Protectors


  • D3O T5 EVO Shoulder Protectors


  • D3O Viper Pro Back Protector



Materials We Use

As the world's strongest fiber, Kevlar® is frequently used in motorcycle gear. Safety tests have shown that it’s the best material to use in riding apparel. We only use authentic DuPont™ stretch Kevlar®, which is lightweight, flexible, and incredibly strong. It is knit in a unique way that protects your skin from the excessive heat of friction during a fall.

We use Coolmax® fabric between your skin and Kevlar® to help you stay dry, cool and comfortable. Coolmax® is a performance fabric that has been used in athletic clothes for many years. Coolmax® pulls moisture away from your skin and helps the air to circulate, keeping your body dry and cool.

Where We Put the Kevlar®

Every jacket receives customized protection by one of our expert tailors. Kevlar is fitted specifically for your jacket, ensuring that they are fully protective and extremely comfortable.

Kevlar covers the most vulnerable places in your upper body, while leaving a little space to keep the jacket flexible and comfortable even on long rides.

We use thread made of Kevlar for stitching together the protective material. So if during a fall your clothes rip apart, Kevlar will stay in place and protect your body.

D3O Protectors

We offer CE-certified D3O protectors. They fit perfectly inside the tailored jacket, offer the best protection possible, and are extremely comfortable and lightweight. With only 10mm thickness and added flexibility, they are barely visible beneath the jacket.

We sell hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, and back protectors.

Check them out

Safety Tests

Ruste uses 100% original DuPont™ Kevlar® in every pair of jeans and jackets to ensure that they are completely protective.

We want to show you exactly how strong your clothes will be after we tailor them. So we did our best to try to break a pair of jeans. See for yourself.

See how strong your clothes will be after we tailor them with 100% original DuPont Kevlar.

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